Arrive & Drive
Be like a Formula 1 driver, just turn up to the track and race, no hassle, no fuss.
We take care of getting all the equipment there and ready to race, all you need to do is turn up and race.
Why not have a corporate day out? We can hire a circuit and hold an event of driving and training. You can develop you skills and try differing classes of karts for a full race experience.
This is a fully tailored service.


Driver Coaching
We can provide drivers with coaching and race craft. We use data logging and telemetry to monitor the drivers actions and kart perfomance. From this data we can give advice on driving style and kart set-up.
Kart set-up is the most important part of racing and any driver has to understand how to interact with the kart to get the best out.
Call for rates and details on driver coaching.


Kart Hire
Ever wanted to race a different class but didn’t want to comit to the cost straight away? Hire a kart from us and try for yourself.
We can arrange a kart for most of the major classes for use either for fun or for racing.




Awning Space
It is vital to have a good paddock facilites in order to maximise your chances when racing. We can provide awning space at race meetings complete with access to specialist equipment and tools.
You don’t just have to hire space, you could allow us to manage the whole thing including taking you kart to the circuit.
Varing rates apply depending on the complexity of your requirement, call for details.


Pitlane Service
We are at most major karting champioship events. We can provide technical support to anyone. We sell spares and can arrange for general parts to be delivered to the track.
Service includes;
- engine check ups
- minor rebuilds
- technical advise
- use of specialist tools
- delivering pre-ordered components to track

(these service is free to our engine customers, however, parts are billed. Non engine customers may be charged)


Race Management
The ultimate in services, this is for the serious racer.
We advise you on direction of your carear including looking for sponsorship deals. We will look after you kart and keep it in full top race trim.
We wil use telemetry/ data logging to monitor you when you race. Offer coaching and advise at circuit.
Give you options on how to improve your equipment and what parts are required. More importantly how these parts affect the kart perfomance and when to use the parts for maximum effect.
Call for prices on this service.


Kart Preparation
Kart set up and preparation is vital for sucess. We can prepare your kart prior to a race meeting. We can also give the kart a once over ‘MOT’ style and advise of components that need replacing, you can then choose whether to invest in your kart.
We will deliver your kart to the track.
Call for more info.




Dyno Testing
We use a dyno that takes the whole kart as raced at the track. We can measure the power perfomance at the wheel. This will take into account the power loss through the chassis and drive train.
The dyno can be hired by the hour, with or without a technician to help you make choices to get the best out of your time.
Your results are confidential and will be kept for your next visit for comparisions. You can view the curves through various mathematical corrections as this will give a large variance in the results. We will help you in deciphering the information so you are confidant the session was valuable.


Ignition Testing
We produce passive advance/retard ignition boxes for all major ignitions. We make boxes for other tuners, so if you have a ’spark box’ it probably came from us!
We also use PVL digital ignitions and can have our curves burnt into PVL ignition coils.
All of our ignitions are tested on our rig. This allows us to accurately plot the timing curve and get the best out of the ignition. This is used in conjunction with the dyno to maximize performance.
If you are having problems with your ignition or engine, we can test your unit for problems. Ignitions can partially breakdown which produces intermittent faults or abnormal timings at certain rpms.

We can help you with a range of services from hiring for fun to full race management, call for a chat we are happy to discuss taylored services.